Action Required to Prepare for Go-Live

Distributed Administrative Computing Security System (DACSS) is UCLA's enterprise application access management application. Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) will use DACSS to authorize what a User can do, and which departments a User can see. These training resources are intended to facilitate the Department Security administrators to provision users in UCPath through DACSS.

The transition to UCPath streamlined and eliminated some current practices. One such practice is the use of Suspense (Reserve) appointments and distributions. In PPS, the Appointment and Distribution screen houses the FAU (funding) details along with other payment attributes (DOS code, rate, percent, etc.). However, in UCPath, the FAU (funding) details are entered and maintained on a separate Funding page than the payment attributes.

As a result, effective immediately, departments should discontinue the entry and use of “reserve” related DOS Codes (i.e., RES/RSA).  Appointments or distributions with these DOS codes will not be converted at the time of transition to UCPath.  Once on UCPath, departments will only need to identify the fund sources that are to be paid when earnings are applied. Departments will utilize the Funding page in UCPath to identify the fund sources that are to be charged at the time of Payroll.

Understanding the Future State

Future Dated Funding in UCPath

In UCPath, effective dates can be used for identifying future funding sources without having to use “reserve” DOS Codes.  Departments will have the ability to establish future-dated fund sources on the Funding Page.  When the future date is reached, UCPath will begin using the Fund Sources identified as being in effect on that day.    

Impact on Staffing Rosters

In UCPath, departments will use the Budget Distribution page to identify which positions are to appear on the Staffing Roster. Unlike PPS, departments will be able to budget for filled and open provisions on the same Budget Distribution page.  Departments will NOT need to use special codes in order for the filled positions or open provisions to appear on the Staffing Roster. 

Additional communications will be forthcoming as UCLA prepares for the transition to UCPath.

Please review the FAQs related to this announcement: FAQ - Discontinue Use of Suspence Appointments & Distributions

For any additional questions related to the above information, please contact Stephen Ngao ( or Homa Mojtabai ( in APB.