Updated On July 20, 2017 - 2:35pm

Associate Vice President Mark Cianca Shares UCPath Message

Mark CIanca

Through UCPath, the University of California is transforming the way we deliver human resource, benefits and payroll services for more than 220,000 employees. By year’s end we will have completed significant work bringing UCPath to 60,000 employees at Pilot locations. Not long after, the rest of UC’s employees will join in two subsequent groups.

Our team is extremely busy managing three deployment groups simultaneously, each with a distinct timeline. By staggering the deployments, we can ensure that UCPath works properly at each stage and is equipped to handle increasing amounts of data. Our progress is generally on target, building successfully toward December 2018 when UCPath will be supporting all UC locations.

Pilot Deployment:
We are in the middle of a year-long test cycle to ensure that campus-level data is properly integrated with UCPath. We recently completed the second cycle of integration testing and will finish a third in August.  Concurrently, we are conducting a series of payroll parallel tests to confirm that all paycheck calculations – earnings, deductions and taxes – are correct. The Pilot deployment group – UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside and Associated Students of UCLA – is scheduled to go live in December 2017.

Deployment 1:
We are working to convert campus payroll data into UCPath while preparing to deploy recruitment and performance management modules in Deployment 1. The Deployment 1 group – UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources – is scheduled to go live in July 2018.

Deployment 2:
This summer, we start work on the final deployment group by establishing local governance, steering committees, leadership teams and project management functions. At the same time, we will begin assessments of campus business processes and determine how they will evolve with UCPath. The Deployment 2 group – UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Hastings – is scheduled to go live in December 2018.

Readiness Activities:
In partnership with campuses, we are preparing employees for UCPath. Our training team has developed web-based and instructor-led courses to educate employees, starting with Pilot locations in September.  A systemwide communications plan and materials are in place to support campus change management efforts. The UCPath Center has increased staffing and recruitment efforts to prepare for upcoming deployments. To find out more about open positions at the UCPath Center, visit www.ucop.edu/ucpath-center.

Our top priority is a successful UCPath deployment and we are confident in our progress. As always, we will provide updates as we go and welcome your questions and suggestions.


Mark Cianca
Associate Vice President, Operational Services

July 6, 2017