Updated On March 19, 2019 - 2:53pm

A New UCPath Help Resource Is Coming Your Way! The New Central Resource Unit (CRU) Website.

The Central Resource Unit (CRU) has listened to your feedback and has worked to build a local online community that supports UCLA UCPath.  The online community, which launches March 22, 2019 provides all UCLA end users with access to UCPath related documents, training materials, job aides, and other relevant UCPath information.

The community supports an enhanced database that allows you to be in control to access the information want and need, in one centralized location. 

The Community features:

  • A quick access toolbar and search engine for finding specific articles, files or resources
  • Easy access icons that guide you to subtopics and trending articles based on analytics
  • Up to date announcements and trending articles that provide you with the most current and relevant information


The new community serves as a quick and efficient way of obtain answers to your questions and locate UCPath resources you need.


We are excited to share your new community as we have built it with you in mind.