Updated On August 3, 2018 - 2:28pm

UCPath Hits the Road

UCPath RoadshowUpdated on 9/21/2018: Across campus more than 30 roadshows and 11 Portal demonstrations were conducted spanning from June to September. Please note the Roadshow PowerPoint presentation is still available online in both English and Spanish at https://ucpath.ucla.edu/resources

The UCPath Team has been on the road, bringing the UCPath Roadshow information sessions to employees across campus and beyond.  With more than 18 sessions completed, more than 2,000 employees have had the opportunity to learn more about UCPath and what they can expect when UCLA transitions in September.  

During the one-hour sessions, employees have learned about what will be new and different when UCPath launches, as well as have received a glimpse into the new UCPath Portal and the new customer service support center, the UCPath Center.  Attendees have also received important information and a checklist of things they can do to prepare for the transition to UCPath.

Representatives from the UCPath Center and University Credit Union (UCU) have been on hand to participate in the presentations and answer employee questions.

The UCPath Roadshows continue through the end of July.  If employees are unable to attend a Roadshow session, the PowerPoint presentation is available online to download in both English and Spanish on the Resources page of our website: https://ucpath.ucla.edu/resources.