Updated On April 23, 2018 - 2:44pm

UCPath Team Updates the Campus Advisory Group on Important Changes Coming to Campus

On Wednesday, April 4th, representatives from organizations and departments across UCLA met for their monthly UCLA UCPath Campus Advisory Group meeting.  The UCPath Project Team provided updates on the project implementation, with a focus on key current and upcoming project activities.  

Omar Noorzai, Executive Director of the Business Transformation Office, welcomed attendees to the meeting, while co-project managers, Ming Fu and Liz Stampley, shared the project timeline and reviewed key activities and dates for the coming months, including dates for the first paychecks generated in UCPath – October 1st for monthly employees and October 3rd for bi-weekly employees.

Training lead, Gina Smithng, provided highlights from the testing plan, including the April Train the Trainer sessions in collaboration with the Office of the President, while Testing lead, Larry Glover, shared updates on Integration Testing 2 (IT2) plans, which launches on April 16th.

The Testing and Training updates were follow by a discussion on the communications and change management efforts currently underway.  Rochelle Hardemion-Jackson, the Communications and Change Management Lead, walked the Advisory Group members through the campus-wide communication strategy and shared the change impacts coming to UCLA with the transition to UCPath.  Highlights of the changes included information about the new UCPath Center, the UCPath Portal that will in part replace the At Your Service Online (AYSO), as well as changes to payroll and benefits processing, and the management of vacation accruals.   UCPath Center representative, Sugey Ochoa, was on hand to answer questions and provide insights into the UCPath Center once UCLA transitions in September.

Organization and department representatives were advised during the meeting that additional information and UCPath communications materials would be forthcoming to help them inform and engage faculty and staff in the coming weeks.


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