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UCPath at UCLA

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The information provided in this section will support the Conversion and Transition activities for campus organizations and departments. Information contained may not be applicable to all organizations and departments. Users should follow the steps below in order to access the campus data clean-up reports as outlined in the related notice(s) from the Central Office.

Personnel and Payroll Campus Data Warehouse (PP CDW)

In order to use CDW, users must:
  1. Have a Single Sign-On logon and password
  2. Be granted access in DACSS to PPDDBINQDepartmental EDB Inquiry by the Department Security Administrator (DSA). This access will define which employee records the user will be able to query
How to Access a Campus Data Clean-up Report:
  1. Logon to
  2. Go to Subject Area Administration tab
  3. Select Shared Reports folder
  4. Select Campus Data Clean-Up folder
  5. Select the report as outlined in the email notice from the Central Office
  6. Upon generating the report, results will be displayed if your department, division, org, etc., have employees who meet the report criteria. If there are no employees who meet the report criteria “No Data Available” will be displayed
  7. If employees appear on the report, follow the clean-up instructions as outlined in the email notice from the Central Office or in the Instructions column
  8. For more information on PP CDW, click here


Report Name
Due Date

Employees with Blank Appt Dept Code  

List of employees who have a blank appointment department code on the IAPP screen. Instructions on how to derive this data are in the attached pdf.PDF May 15, 2018