UCPath Service Center Location - Official Memo

View the official memo announcing the choice of location for the UCPath Center:


Dear Colleagues:

After a thorough review, cost analysis, site visits, and careful consideration, we have selected UC Riverside as the host location for the UCPath Center, the University-wide shared service center.

Six University of California (UC) campuses submitted proposals and all had considerable merit; however, UC Riverside met the location criteria more fully than the other proposals. The primary considerations included proximity to UC talent; real estate, cost of living and local labor costs; the availability and condition of office space; a robust local labor market; and the support of local leadership.

Notably, UC Riverside’s central location in Southern California provides the best opportunity to attract UC staff from nearby campuses. One of the key criteria for an ideal site is the proximity and ability to attract UC talent, providing job opportunities for UC employees and ensuring the UCPath Center is staffed with employees who have a solid understanding of UC policies and procedures. Additionally, Riverside’s real estate costs are not as prohibitive as they are in some of UC’s more urban locations.

We were also greatly impressed by the commitment from Chancellor Tim White and the rest of the UC Riverside leadership team to partner with us to ensure that the UCPath Center serves the entire University with the highest level of customer service and operational excellence.

As you know, the UCPath Center is a critical element of the UCPath project, which also includes deploying an integrated payroll and human resources system across all UC campuses and medical centers. The center will handle transactions related to payroll, benefits administration, leave management, and workforce administration, and also provide consistent, high-quality customer service for all UC employees.

We deeply appreciate your support and interest in making UCPath successful. We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to the hundreds of people from throughout the UC system who have worked so diligently since last fall to help us achieve so much on this project in such a short time.


Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President - Business Operations

Peter J. Taylor
Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer